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Do you own a prop or costume focused site but have no time to manage it? Are you struggling to monetize your site and cover expenses? Losing your fans to Facebook and social media? We can help!

Movie Prop Sites, LLC is a growing start-up which hosts, manages and promotes movie prop, costume and entertainment industry (movies, television, video games) related sites. We currently operate through two methods: owned properties and partner sites.


Is your site a leader in its niche? We are always looking to add established sites to our growing network!

Many site owners expend all their time, passion and funds building a community, only to find that they are tapped out at the end of the process.

Life changes, financial difficulties, or simply hitting a technological ceiling are all reasons that site owners throw up their hands and walk away.

If you find yourself looking to place your site into capable hands, Movie Prop Sites may be able to carry on the legacy you have created!


Not everyone is looking to sell their site but you might still need a bit of help due to limited funds or lack of technological know-how. Don’t understand why your community has stopped growing? Don’t know why your membership is dwindling? Overwhelmed by the idea of promoting your community via social media?

We can help!

If your site is a leader in its niche, we may be able to partner with you and add you to the Movie Prop Sites network so you can benefit from our growing resources while stil maintaining ownership of your site!


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Movie Props, Costumes, and Models

The Dented Helmet

The Definitive Boba Fett Costume Resource

The 405th

Halo Costuming Club

Providing platforms for artists, makers, and fans to share their passions with the world.