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Can you not post to one of our sites? Are you getting a message stating your account has not been fully activated? Chances are, you did not receive an activation email or did not click the activation link in that email. Without a fully activated account, your ability to interact with our communities will be strictly limited and there will be many areas you will have no access to at all.

Please click the activation link in the email you were sent. If you did not receive the email then it’s possible it was blocked by your email client. In this case you can add to your spam blocker’s “safe” list and check your “spam” folder.

If for some reason you did not provide us with a legitimate email address, you can enter a new email address in your profile.

If your account has not been activated within 90 days of registering, it will be deleted.

While activation emails are typically sent instantly, please wait at least 4 hours for the email to arrive before contacting us.

Fill out the form below to get help with your issue. Remember, the more detailed you are in your description of the problem, the more quickly we will be able to help you!


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    I received an activation email but the link did not work or I accidentally deleted it.
    I confirmed that my email address was entered correctly.
    I checkeded my spam folder for the activation email.
    I have marked emails from,, or as safe.

    Supply any additional information that you feel might help us more quickly resolve this issue here.

    ***PLEASE ONLY CLICK SUBMIT ONCE! It may take up to 20 seconds for mail to send due to our spam filters. You will receive a notice on screen when mail is sent.

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